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TIDAL and Denon DJ bring you the ability to spin at the highest audio quality available, access to over 60 million songs, and thousands of expertly curated playlists, all without a laptop.

Denon DJ Prime Series Hardware

Linking or Activating TIDAL with Denon DJ Prime Series Hardware

  • Update your Denon DJ Prime Series hardware to firmware version 1.4 (or later).
  • Connect the device to a hard-wired or Wi-Fi network with internet access.
  • Once connected, open the library collection view.
  • Next, tap the media device icon in the top left of the library window. Hint: This is the icon above the crate icon.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to activate TIDAL with your Denon DJ device.
  • Once activated, you will have access to all TIDAL content including personal & curated playlists, favorite songs, albums, artists etc.
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Denon DJ mixer
Denon DJ Prime multi-media player
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