Olivia Dear

With a celestial voice and lyrics only an old soul can write, singer/songwriter Olivia Dear is racking up the accolades. Olivia’s blend of folk and modern pop earned her a second John Lennon Songwriting Award. Olivia played more than 250 shows in 2017, from Los Angeles to London. As a multi-instrumentalist, she plays the ukulele, piano and guitar in addition to singing and songwriting. Olivia has toured internationally with Sawyer Fredericks, Howie Day, Tyler Hilton, amongst others.

“There are lots of elements that go into not only creating, but maintaining, a successful career in any artistic field. I'm excited to make some music and watch and learn from TIDAL.”

My Inspiration

TIDAL Unplugged Olivia Dear curates a playlist of the music that guides her penchant for melody.