How to Get Started

Once your Teufel Streaming system is up and running, you can log into the Teufel Raumfeld App with your usual TIDAL account. Just open the side menu of the Teufel Raumfeld App, select TIDAL under Music Services and enter your login/password. Finally, select your desired sound quality. All your TIDAL Favourites & Playlists can now be played on your Teufel streaming device at the touch of a button.

What is Teufel Audio?

Since 1979, Teufel Audio from Berlin has made a name for itself with cutting-edge designs and innovative sales models: What began as a small shop for DIY loudspeakers transformed into a catalogue-only then web-based shop for complete sound systems for music, multiroom streaming, gaming, and home cinema. With nearly 40 years of experience, Teufel Audio is the brand for the best-quality multiroom streaming. Not only do we have the most powerful speakers with a true stereo soundscape and 3-way configuration, but we also have the best acoustics even in compact dimensions for all-in-one, true-to-source audio reproduction.

What is TIDAL?

No compromise. With TIDAL’s lossless audio experience, you can enjoy your music the way the artists intended on Teufel Audio. TIDAL on Teufel Audio lets you play all your favorite music in High Fidelity sound quality. Choose from millions of tracks, and get behind the music with expertly Curated Editorial recommendations, album presentations, playlists, articles, features and interviews by experienced music journalists.

What do I do now?