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Spin at the highest audio quality available.

TIDAL and Serato bring you the ultimate mixing experience with our 60 million tracks and high fidelity audio.

Link with TIDAL in Serato DJ

  • Download Serato DJ Lite or Serato DJ Pro.
  • Open Settings and go to Library + Display
  • Select TIDAL under Show Streaming Services
  • Click Sign Up/Log In to TIDAL
  • Once logged in, select your Streaming Quality
  • Close Settings and enjoy TIDAL with all of your other music


Serato has curated a series of playlists for DJs to use in Serato DJ Lite or Serato DJ Pro in the latest streaming integration with TIDAL. From warm-up selections to dancefloor bangers, try a Serato curated playlist today. Just favorite the playlists and restart Serato DJ to sync them with your DJ library.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I do to be able to stream in HiFi quality?

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