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How to Get Started

Update your Revox system to the latest software and download the latest App version from the Apple App respectively Google PlayStore. Follow the link and insert your promotion code for your free 90-day trial. Create a user account and select the TIDAL tile over the Revox App or remote control. Insert your username and your password to enjoy TIDAL on your Revox device.

What is Revox?

For almost 70 years, the Revox brand name has stoodfor audio products of the highest technical perfection. Products such as the legendaryRevox A77 reel-to-reel tape machine, which even after decades, is still seen asa milestone for top-quality audiophilia. This tradition continues today with amodular, upgradable technology concept. Then as now, Revox develops visionaryand future oriented products which stand out like a shining beacon in the gloomof mass market mediocrity. The completely authentic reproduction of natural soundis the ideal that has defined the Revox brand from the start.

What is TIDAL?

No compromise. With TIDAL’s lossless audio experience, you can enjoy your music the way the artists intended on your Revox. TIDAL on Revox lets you play all your favorite music wirelessly in High Fidelity sound quality in every room of your house. Choose from millions of tracks, and get behind the music with expertly Curated Editorial recommendations, album presentations, playlists, articles, features and interviews by experienced music journalists.
Your predefined playlists and favorites are direct at your hand or you can search for your favorite artists, albums or tracks to play. Browse and play recommended tracks, albums or playlists for any occasion.

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