What is TIDAL?

TIDAL is a global music and entertainment platform that is transforming the way that fans interact with music streaming. With a 360 degree approach to music culture, TIDAL creates original content series, live broadcasts, and playlists that are at the epicenter of the most important moments in music.

The content and experiences that TIDAL offers to their members create a whole vision of the artists and allow the fans to establish a closer connection. The partnership with Vodafone Spain will bring original content, brand events and playlists, carefully prepared by experts, aimed at lovers of Spanish music.

About TIDAL X Vodafone

Thanks to the alliance between Vodafone and TIDAL, telecom clients will have access to the best music platform to enjoy their exclusive content with the best 4G network and 4F+ of the spanish market.

Vodafone clients can enjoy a 1 or 2 year suscription of TIDAL Premium included in their plan. Specifically, Vodafone will offer 1 year of TIDAL to clients with Red M, One M, Internet Movil S and +Líneas M/ +Líneas Datos S and 2 years to clients with Red L or superior plans, One L or superior, Internet Móvil M and +Líneas L/ +Líneas Datos M

Clients with other Pay As You Go or Contract plans will enjoy 3 free months of TIDAL Premium or TIDAL HiFi

After the promotion, all clients will enjoy TIDAL with an exclusive offer of 8,99 € per month for TIDAL Premium or 17,99€ per month for TIDAL HiFi (with CD quality sound)

And if you have Vodafone Pass you'll get access to TIDAL without using data from your plan. You can activate Vodafone Music Pass in any Vodafone store, in MiVodafone or in www.vodafone.es

*This promotion is available for clients and small businesses

How to move your music to TIDAL

Let Tune My Music take care of everything. Transferring your music library to TIDAL, including all your playlists and favorites, has never been easier.

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Vodafone TV

Enjoy your favorite songs and videos and discover new artists on your TV, completely ad-free.

Link with TIDAL

  • Go to link.tidal.com on your computer, phone or similar.
  • Log in if you are an existing member, or sign up to TIDAL.
  • Enter the code displayed on your Vodafone TV to link to your account and begin streaming.

YU: No Te Pierdas Nada

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Vodafone Music Showroom

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