Nicki Minaj with a Mercedes-Benz

Nicki X Mercedes-Benz

Marking the launch of the new A-class and continuing the partnership between TIDAL and Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-Benz is excited to launch a new ad campaign featuring TIDAL artist-owner and global superstar Nicki Minaj. The international campaign which is created around around the claim "The new A-Class. Just like you." The campaign message is: the new A-Class understands your personal peculiarities, preferences and needs- what makes you individual and unique. It is the first car that adapts itself to you – and not vice versa. Quite simply, it is just like you.

The spot "Like any" begins with the A-Class as a seemingly conventional car. A number of apparently standard features are mentioned. But it soon becomes apparent that this vehicle is different, digital and networked. A desire for music is met on command by the A-Class. As if by magic, TIDAL artist-owner, Nicki Minaj suddenly appears on the front passenger seat and her music plays from the onboard speakers via TIDAL. At the end of 2018 the A-Class will have global music and entertaining platform TIDAL integrated in all vehicles. Thanks to the partnership, Mercedes-Benz customers will be able to stream more than 60 million songs and hundreds of carefully chosen playlists. The car is simply not like every other car – it is "just like you". Watch the spot here.

She's The Future

TIDAL & Mercedes-Benz present She's The Future. A campaign meant to give a voice and platform to the next generation of female artists.

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About the TIDAL and Mercedes-Benz Partnership

We are excited to announce a long-term partnership with Mercedes-Benz – TIDAL will gradually be integrated into select Mercedes-Benz vehicles and customers connected to the “Mercedes me” portal will be able to access a complimentary TIDAL HiFi membership. Customers will be able to stream more than 60 million songs and over 240,000 music videos and hundreds of carefully curated playlists, free of charge for twelve months in their vehicles, on their smartphones or at home on their music systems.

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About Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz is the inventor of the automobile – and since 1886 shaped its future with passion. As pioneers of the automotive industry, it is the ambition of Mercedes-Benz to commit and to carry forward the tradition of the brand with ground-breaking technologies and high-quality products. The brand promises “The best or nothing“. Like no other automotive brand, Mercedes-Benz appeals in equal measure to the hearts and minds of its customers. As the world’s most valuable premium automobile brand modern luxury is style and position of the brand. Mercedes-Benz enjoys an excellent reputation in terms of quality, safety, comfort, design and integrated, sustainable mobility.

Ready for the Road Trip by Mercedes-Benz

This is the perfect playlist for a fun road trip with your friends! No matter where you are going, with these hits it’s going to be a blast!