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Enjoy TIDAL on all your Amazon Echo devices

Alexa, play TIDAL’s unparalleled music catalogue with the highest quality audio available.

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Getting started

  • Open the Amazon Alexa App on your phone
  • Go to “Settings” > “Music”
  • Tap “Link New Service” > “TIDAL”
  • Click “Enable to Use” and link your TIDAL account
  • Head back to “Settings” > “Music”
  • Select “TIDAL” under “Default Services”


Experience TIDAL’s 60 million tracks and hand-curated playlists straight from your Amazon Echo device.

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  • 60+ million songs
  • 250,000+ music videos
  • Exclusive music, videos, and artist content
  • Expertly-curated playlists
  • Access to live events and ticket giveaways
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Frequently Asked Questions

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