TIDAL Rising 2017: 5 Artists To Watch In The New Year

A preview of some of the acts we’re most excited about in the coming year!


The hardest part of keeping up with new music is spotting that fresh new act on the verge of making waves.

We’re constantly holding our ears to the ground to pick up new vibrations, but there’s a lot to sort through. Some bands are hyped beyond their merit; others pass through the net like ghosts.

Time may be the ultimate judge, but there are few things more satisfying than being the first kid on the block to pick up on the next big thing and watching it blossom before your eyes.

With the dawn of the new year now in sight, we’ve tried to look deeper into the crystal ball, and pick out some names we strongly believe in for 2017, representing a chromatic variety of sounds and expressions. We highly suggest you to check out the longlist of exciting new talent in our TIDAL Rising 2017 playlist.

With that said, dig in to some of the acts we’re most excited about in the coming year today!

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Name: Maggie Rogers
Based In: New York, NY
Sounds Like: Intoxicating, Electronic Indie Folk

Maggie Rogers is a singer-songwriter who modestly describes herself as “a banjo player from the Eastern shore of Maryland,” though this characterization is far too simple for an artist so nuanced, pure and unique. Spending the last few years finding herself traveling between Maryland, New York City and France and crafting her sound, she’s a recent graduate of NYU’s Clive Davis Institute. She is most well known for her upbeat debut single “Alaska,” which blew up thanks to viral video featuring Pharrell Williams shedding tears while critiquing the song. Williams can be quoted as saying “I’ve never heard anything that sounds like that. That’s a drug for me.” Her newest single, “Dog Years,” is out now, with talk of a full-length release coming in early 2017.



Name: Noname
Based In: Chicago, IL
Sounds Like: Female Chance The Rapper

Hailing from Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood, Fatimah Warner is an up-and-coming rapper, artist and poet best known by her moniker Noname. Warner’s love for music began at an early age and she often listened to the likes of Chicago blues legends Buddy Guy and Howlin’ Wolf while growing up and working to develop her own sound. Soon after befriending Chance The Rapper by way of Chicago’s YOUMedia youth program, Warner was featured on the excellent track “Lost” from Chance’s 2013 acclaimed mixtape Acid Rap. But after years of guesting and ghosting on a host of Chicago-based projects (Mick Jenkins’ The Water[s] and Kirk Knight’s Late Knight Special, to name a few) Noname finally released her stunning debut album Telefone. Hailed by many as a female rendering of Chance, her jazzy, effortless flow has captivated the hearts and minds of many across the country as evidenced by her completely sold out Telefone Tour. Most recently, Noname took part in Chance The Rapper’s iconic performance of “Finish Line” during SNL’s latest Christmas episode. As far as we’re concerned, the best is yet to come.


(Credit: Vegas Giovanni)
(Credit: Vegas Giovanni)


Name: Jacob Latimore
Based In: Milwaukee, WI
Sounds Like: Early 2000’s R&B

Singer Jacob Latimore discovered his love for music at a young age, creating his first song “Best Friend” at the ripe age of 9. The song received airtime across Milwaukee and Radio Disney, and at 14 he went on to sign his first label deal with Jive Records and released the single “Like Em All,” which landed a spot on the Billboard R&B and Hip-Hop charts. Best recognized for his impressive singing voice, Latimore is also a talented dancer and actor. His influences include R&B icons Usher, Michael Jackson, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown. Latimore’s debut studio album, Connection, was released less than a month ago and is absolutely superb. If you’re longing for the sound of early 2000’s R&B to return, then Jacob Latimore is your guy.



Name: Kodie Shane
Based In: Atlanta, GA
Sounds Like: Fearless “Bubble Gum Trap”

Although she has only recently entered the limelight, Kodie Shane is no stranger to the music industry. The sole female member of Lil Yachty’s Sailing Team created her first track, “Crown Me” at 14 and began writing for other artists at 15. Kodie Shane’s Soundcloud has amassed millions of streams, with her most well known work being either “Hold Up” featuring Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert or “Sad” featuring Lil Yachty, a track recently named Best New Music by Pitchfork. Both her 2060 EP and her Zero Gravity EP were released earlier this year and she plans on dropping an album in early 2017. As evidenced by Pitchfork’s recent article:“Never Scared: Kodie Shane Is the Fearless Hip-Hop Prodigy We Need,” Kodie Shane is a must listen for any fan of the emerging “bubblegum trap” genre.



Name: Stanaj
Based In:  Yonkers, NY
Sounds Like: Soulful Blue-Eyed Pop

Born in Albania, Stanaj spent most of his high school and adult years in New York. From singing in Karaoke bars to hanging at Drake’s house all in a couple years, Stanaj is one of the best young raw talents we have seen in awhile. The singer has a huge social media presence, with over 220k followers on Vine and 350k on Instagram. 2016 was another big year for Stanaj, releasing his debut EP The Preview and performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Be on the lookout for Stanaj to make some serious moves in 2017.


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