Sister Sparrow Exclusively Premieres the Video for “Gold”

Lead singer Arleigh Kincheloe’s voice is also just that — gold.


By Brenna Ehrlich

Sister Sparrow, a.k.a. Arleigh Kincheloe, is exclusively premiering her charming lyric video for “Gold” today via TIDAL. The song comes off of her 2018 album by the same name and amply demonstrates that her voice is just that — gold.

The Brooklyn band released Gold in October of 2018, after lead singer Kincheloe took a hiatus to have a baby. “’Gold’ is such a special thing in terms of this whole project because it is the seedling for the whole thing,” she says of the title track. “It created the soundscape I wanted the whole record to live in. Of course we go outside the lines a little bit on certain songs, but this was always the base level to start on and I think that’s why ‘Gold’ is the most special song — to me anyway.”

The simple yet winning video was shot by bandmate and brother Jackson Kincheloe’s girlfriend, photographer Mel Barlow, while the band was on tour in Detroit. “I watch it and it makes me giggle; it shows the humility of it all,” Kincheloe says of the video, which was made at the venue they were playing that night. “It also captures me in a vulnerable and stripped down frame of mind where I’m not trying to be super glamorous or fancy — I’m just trying to sing the song and I think it worked really well.. It surprised me how well it came together.”

Check out the video — and the whole record — right here.


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