Lucy Dacus on the Joy of Listening to Music With Friends

What was the last record Dacus bought?


In honor of the tenth anniversary of Record Store Day, we hit up a few of our favorite musicians to find out what vinyl shopping means to them.

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Based In: Richmond, Virginia

What’s your favorite record store and why?

Excluding all my favorite Richmond record stores, which will always come first in my heart (Plan 9, Steady Sounds, Deep Groove), I really like Grimey‘s in Nashville. I think they put extra effort into making the store a place for people to connect by hosting lots of events.

What were the first records you bought at your hometown record store?

I bought Pearl by Janis Joplin and Aladdin Sane by David Bowie from Deep Groove Records.

What did you learn from shopping at record stores?

Milling about record stores has helped me to realize that even though vinyl is a luxury good, music is not.

What was the last record you bought? Where?

Roman Candle by Elliott Smith from Goner Records in Memphis, Tennessee.

Why do you still buy records?

I know I don’t need to buy records, but when I really care about something, especially when I appreciate art that someone has made, I want it to take up space in my life. Also, the act of playing a record is an event that makes me a more attentive listener. I’ll invite friends over to listen to a record together.

Which record, in your opinion, do you need on vinyl? Why?

Life Labors in the Choir by Twain. They ran out of vinyl for a while, but I think they recently pressed more. It’s a beautiful record, somehow sparse and lush at the same time, made so carefully. Also recorded in Richmond at Montrose Studios, so I’ve got some hometown pride associated to it.


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