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Explore some of our favorite new playlists with the TIDAL High 5.


TIDAL’s music editors are continuously at work crafting new playlists for different themes, genres, moods and occasions, as well as offering you a continuous flow of guest curated and exclusive artist playlists. To help guide you through the constant flow of great new content, we highlight five of our favorites right here. This is the TIDAL High 5.

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4:44 Cratedigging

How’s Shawn Carter rapping about Al Sharpton taking selfies? True JAY-Z fans know the magic often comes at the end. Here’s a mix of the final songs recorded for each of HOV’s 13 solo albums.

Ernest Dion Wilson, professionally known as No I.D., has produced a number of singles from Kanye West’s “Heartless” to Rihanna’s “Higher.” Most recently, he has paired up with JAY-Z as the sole producer on his album to create some of the most unique sounds in music. To hear No I.D.’s collaborations with your favorite artists, listen here.

Although Nina Simone in no longer with us, her soul will never die. She appears on “4.44” and “The Story of O.J.” as well as in “Caught Their Eyes.” Simone poured her heart into every track she sang, earning the title as the “High Priestess of Soul.” Feel her passion and love for music as you indulge in songs by and featuring Ms. Nina Simone.


The Best of 2017 (So Far)

2017 has been fruitful in its musical offerings, serving up a plethora of sonic goodness and proving that this year, everyone has a seat at the table. From hit-makers Calvin Harris and DJ Khaled to genre benders like Gorillaz and Kali Uchis, the songs we’ve seen (so far) have yet to disappoint. In the world of Latin music, Daddy Yankee continues to put out multiple songs that you can’t help but move your hips to. It also seems that we can’t escape the sounds of DJ Khaled on the hip-hop and R&B charts.

As we reach the year’s halfway point, the TIDAL staff takes a look back at some of our favorites from the months past that have set the bar higher for those to come.To listen to the best of what 2017 has to offer so far, click here for the best songs overall as well as those in R&B and hip-hop, indie and rock, country and folk and Latin.


Summer Jams 

Whether you choose to spend your summer basking under the sun, day drinking on the beach, or working hard (or hardly working) in your office, you need a summer soundtrack to go along with your days. We’ve curated some playlists for each of your summer needs.

Jam out to the hottest hits of the season so far with Summer Jams 2017 or dance along to Drop It For Summer and Pool Party House and Disco. On the other hand, if your summer has been all about chill vibes, take a listen to Summertime Blues and Indie-In Summer 2017.


Psychedelic Soul Explosion 

In the late 1960s, soul and psychedelic rock had a baby named psychedelic soul. Jimi Hendrix and the Temptations became pioneers of the genre, followed by mainstream acts like Stevie Wonder and the Supremes. Psychedelia impressed its influence on many African American musicians, especially those on the Motown label. The explosion of psychedelic soul style eventually became an origin for the rise of funk and disco in the 1970s. While these two new genres gained steady popularity, psychedelic soul was partly replaced by them. However, the world’s appreciation has never wavered. You can listen to our favorite songs written during the psychedelic soul era here.


Nesta Riddims 

We were truly blessed to have the reggae king, Bob Marley, share his talents with the world. In his lifetime, Marley sold more than 75 million records and changed the world and popular culture in his wake. To show a little love for Tuff, we dug deep into the crates to craft this playlist of DJ tributes, covers, and songs that have used or taken inspiration from his famous rhythms.



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