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TIDAL is installed on IXION out-of-the-box. Just click the TIDAL icon on the IXION Maestro touch screen display, and log in (Maestro will remember you next time) Your playlists including album art, and ability to search for new music are all available directly from Maestro’s display, or control remotely via the IXION app.

What is IXION?

IXION is a new Premium Audio brand from Norway, designed specifically to deliver the highest quality streamed audio to every room of your home.By acclaimed Scandinavian Koenigsegg designer Bård Eker‏, tuned by some of Norway’s most prolific audio experts, then manufactured by hand just west of Oslo, IXION is truly the “Audio of Norway”IXION is not only a premium, but a unique multiroom system. Using the electrical power circuit in your home, IXION automatically creates its own dedicated environment from the moment its turned on, allowing it to stream beautifully rich, and full audio, up to 120 times CD quality to any other room of your home.High quality streamed audio to any room that is literally Plug & Play.

What is TIDAL?

No compromise. With TIDAL’s lossless audio experience, you can enjoy your music the way the artists intended on IXION. TIDAL on IXION lets you play all your favorite music in High Fidelity sound quality. Choose from millions of tracks, and get behind the music with expertly Curated Editorial recommendations, album presentations, playlists, articles, features and interviews 
Your predefined playlists and favorites are direct at your hand or you can search for your favorite artists, albums or tracks to play. Browse and play recommended tracks, albums or playlists for any occasion.

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