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Make your Squeezebox come alive with lossless streaming from TIDAL

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How to Get Started

1) Install the ickStream plugin in LMS (Logitech Media Server) 2) Approve the terms of use for the Squeezebox player types in your setup 3) Login/register an account on the ickStream Music Platform 4) Add Tidal to your account and enter the service account details. Full installation instructions here

What is Ickstream?

As a music aggregating service, ickStream is available worldwide on selected devices. Since the ickStream team has a background from Logitech Squeezebox and iPeng, Squeezebox was a natural first. The service will be available on an increasing number of devices in the future, so stay tuned! To follow ickstream, sign up for the newsletter at www.ickstream.com, or follow the blog at blog.ickstream.com. For support or any questions regarding ickStream and the Squeezebox in particular, the forum is available at forum.ickstream.com or send a mail to: support@ickstream.com.

What is TIDAL?

No compromise. With TIDAL’s lossless audio experience, you blow life back into your Squeezebox system. TIDAL through ickStream lets you play all your favorite music wirelessly in high fidelity sound quality in every room of your house. Choose from millions of tracks, and get behind the music with expertly Curated Editorial recommendations, album presentations, playlists, articles, features and interviews by experienced music journalists.
Your predefined playlists and favorites are direct at your hand or you can search for your favorite artists, albums or tracks to play. Browse and play recommended tracks, albums or playlists for any occasion.

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