TIDAL is shining a spotlight on the industry’s unsung heroes, whose contributions are instrumental to music’s success — the songwriters, producers, engineers, band members and studio musicians, background vocalists and programmers.

Not everyone who contributes to the success of a song or album is given the proper credit, which is why TIDAL is introducing its new interactive Credits feature — to highlight those important behind-the-scenes contributors, while also displaying the other projects on which they've worked.

How to explore TIDAL Credits


  1. What is TIDAL Credits?
    TIDAL Credits is a feature highlighting all the people who helped create a piece of music. Enter artists’ credits pages through their artist pages, and explore the different projects on which they’ve contributed. Filter the tracklist according to their roles on tracks (e.g. composer or producer), and sort the tracklist by popularity (which is the default setting), release date, track title, or artist. Select a track to play.

  2. How are the different role categories determined?
    We have divided roles into the following categories:
    • Songwriter: This includes credits those with roles for crafting a song such as composer, lyricist, author.
    • Production: Includes producer, coproducer, mastering engineer, mixing engineer, recording engineer, arranger, and programmer — roles that supports the production of a track.
    • Musician: Features those who contributed on some level to a song’s instrumentals and vocals.
    • Misc: This includes other roles not directly contributing to a track’s creation, such as art direction, art work, A&R, etc.

  3. I see incorrect credits, what should I do?
    If you see any incorrect information on an artist's credits page, you can use the in-app reporting function to notify us about the error.

    Go to the track with credits you want to report. Select the option menu for the track, and tap Report Error. You will be redirected to a web form where you briefly state what is incorrect for which track, and press submit. This form will be sent to our content department who will process your feedback.

  4. I have an artist profile and see an error on my page, what should I do?
    If you see that there’s a mistake on your profile, or that it’s missing a profile image and/or a bio, please contact your distributor whom can contact us for you or write TIDAL Support.